Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Getting a list of .Lib files of a library to add to Visual studio C++ project configuration

If you want to add a library to your C++ project in Visual Studio , you have to do all of the three :
1- Add the library's include directories under  
Project Properties => C/C++ => General => Additional Include Directories
2- Add the library's Lib directories under
Linker => General => Additional Library Directories
3- The last step (the whole purpose of this post) is to list all the .Lib files that you're going to use specifically to Linker=>Input=>Additional Dependencies , and for this i suggest that you
  1. Go inside the directory containing the .lib files
  2. Right click in any empty area inside the folder while holding shift, this will bring the "Open command window here" option
  3. Run the command
    dir *.lib /B|clip 
Since you have a list of the .lib files at the clipboard, go to your project's property dialog , to input and "additional dependencies" drop down and paste your .lib list there . Enjoy

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