Wednesday, March 21, 2018

New App : Pope117 - In commemoration of Pope Shenouda III

Today, with the help of my dear friend Ehab Magdy , I'm proud to announce the release of Pope 117 mobile application for Android and IPhone. The application serves an enormous library of Pope Shenouda III's publications,writings, sermons as well as audio and video content picturing him and his life since 1970. Pope Shenouda was one of the most distinguished and unique teachers and leaders of his time. His words of wisdom, guided by Lord Jesus, stay to give us patience and understanding of how to live to the fullest and still seek eternity and forgiveness for ones sins. His quotes, poems and articles bring all people together instead of dividing them over political whirls, extreme religious views or mundane concerns of day-to-day life. We're extremely happy and proud to have participated in such a project. We also thank our brothers at Prince Theodore Family (PTF) for their continuous support and sponsorship. The link to the android application is below 
Get it on Google Play
download on the apple store