Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Filebot, A Quick Subtitles Downloader

File Bot

I am writing this time to cast some light on a great tool that I've been using happily for the last six months now. Filebot is a tool that does many file-related tasks, among which is finding subtitles and downloading them. While having a not-so-great graphical interface , The CLI is just awesome.
The key to this program is  a single command line

filebot -get-subtitles path/to/movie

To boost the process of finding the subtitle to a movie i use the Shift+right click tip to show "Open Command Window Here" option.

Then in the command line just use the command

The subtitle is downloaded right next to the file :) and now you can play it with your favorite media player (mine is VLC)

Thanks for reading and enjoy.

Update: Apparently, -get-subtitles command was disabled due to reported abuse, so you have to use a different command -get-missing-subtitles.Unfortunately, It doesn't work out-of-the box, it has to be configured. Make sure you're registered on and use the below command
filebot -script fn:configure 

Then enter your user name and password. The -get-missing-subtitles can then be used exactly as it's predecessor.