Friday, September 18, 2009

Director 6.0 : Virtual memory problem solution in easy steps

This problem appears when you try to run a game or a multimedia e-learning that is made by Adobe Director. this not always the case but it happens sometimes a message saying "This program requires at least 3MB of free virtual memory to run" pops up and you can't do anything

There is an easy step by step solution to introduce tonight :
1- Right click on my computer and choose properties

2- Go to the Advanced tab , and then click the "Settings" button under "Performance" as shown in the picture

3- In the Performance Options dialog go to the "Advanced" tab too (we're being a lot advanced today ,eh ? :D) , and then click on the "Change" button as shown in the figure :

this dialog will appear :

4- Now , go with the Custom size and choose some minimum and maximum , the values that worked for me where 200 - 4000 megabytes , ( you can come back and share the values that worked for you , people will love you for it ) , make sure you press set afterward  , like the figure :


5- now you will be asked to restart and every thing shall work OK.

Good Luck

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