Thursday, May 2, 2013

Making of a USB fan

So,  I wanted a fan to cool my mk802+ , because it gets so hot after one hour of operation. Instead of buying a readymade fan, dad suggested that we make one ourselves. So,I went on YouTube and found that this was possible. So first step is to get:
  1. A cpu or a case fan
  2. An old USB cable
  3. A tool to cut and peel wires with
  4. Black insulating  tape for
First, cut the USB cable,  and peel it,  you should have 4 wires; 2 for power and 2 for data.

We'll be focusing on the power ones (usually the red and the black ones), same thing for the cpu fan.

We depend on the fact that both the USBs and the Fans run on 5.5 V
Same thing for the fan , we peel the wires and make them ready for welding with the USB ones.

Finally, after some trials and errors to which wires will work,  we weld everything together and here is a working USB fan.

This is another one i made at work 

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