Sunday, April 5, 2015

From Windows to Ubuntu : Essential software to feel at home

Having a good experience with Ubuntu for more than five years now, I continue on installing it on all my PCs and laptops. After my latest installation , I opened Firefox to listen to one my recordings on soundcloud   and got surprised my tracks don't play because of a media decoding error. As i resolution , i got my extras package installed and the day was set. Still , I went in circles for moments before I remembered this package. I decided to write this article to keep a list of the bare essentials you need to feel at home when you install fresh ubuntu on you computer. I'm keeping it here to the minimum. If you'd like a more comprehensive list (software recommendations ), please have a look at the references down below.

1- Ubuntu Restricted Extras package :

2- Flash player for firefox and chrome

3- Java libraries : from the excellent WebUpd8Team PPA

4- Alternatives to all the popular commercial software :


Enjoy :)

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