Friday, December 18, 2015

Syncing your files from a remote server at Logon using FreeFileSync

Hello and welcome, is a reason laziness is one of most sought-after virtues of really good Programmers and IT guys. That is because if something takes more than a minute to do and can be automated, we'd rather script it , have a look yourself .

Here's a scenario, I have a home server that downloads stuff using Transmission Bittorrent client , it pushes the completed downloads to a folder on the server called Downloads (duh). I happen to share that folder on the network for windows machines so I have a mapped drive pointing to the downloads folder. Of course going there , check what's new and take a copy on my machine is the task i need to automate.

For this task I choose freefilesync because it's a free software , anyway , after installing I will first create a new configuration and choose the source and the destination.

leaving everything will do a two way sync, in my case I only want a one way or a custom sync , I will leave that to your judgement. Press compare to make sure everything works ( it seems like i have how i met your mother season 8 on the queue , yaay ! )

Next, I will save that configuration as a batch job

Since , this is planned to start at the login , I will probably want to set up few settings to stop the nagging as much as possible

I will save that then head to windows task scheduler , a simple search in the start menu for "schedule tasks" will get it.

Will choose the task to run at the login

then at what to run ,  I will put the paths to the application and the saved scripts as follows.

Press next and finish. I will restart now to see if i get my new series synced.

Here it is after the restart

looks like I'm having a movie night.


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